September 22, 2023

yuv® Beauty's Innovation Shines: Patent Granted for the yuv® Lab!

We are thrilled to announce a momentous achievement for yuv® Beauty: the grant of our patent for the groundbreaking yuv® Lab! Our commitment to innovation and revolutionising the professional hair colour industry has reached a remarkable milestone with Patent US-11751666-B2.

The yuv® Lab, a true game-changer, is the world's first smart hair colour Lab designed exclusively for salons and freelance colourists. With this patent in hand, we're taking a giant leap forward in our mission to redefine the hair colouring experience and industry as a whole. 

What Makes the yuv® Lab So Special?

The yuv® Lab isn't just another addition to the beauty tech landscape. It's a transformative system that allows professionals to create precise bespoke formulations, tailored to each client's unique hair type and desired look. From quarter shades to tertiary tones, pH control to translucency-opacity levels, the yuv® Lab uses advanced technology to craft the perfect blend of colours and tones for consistently flawless results.

A Sustainable Revolution

Beyond its innovation, the yuv® Lab represents a step towards a more sustainable industry. We've introduced tailor-made refillable cartridges, made from 100% recyclable material. With this approach, we're significantly reducing packaging waste and contributing to a more environmentally conscious future for the hair industry.

The Pay-as-You-Dispense Model

The yuv® Lab also embraces the Pay-as-You-Dispense Model, ensuring salons and freelancers only pay for the exact amount of colour they use. No more over-purchasing or wasted product—just smart, cost-effective colouring.

Join the yuv® Beauty Revolution

This patent grant is a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of professional hair colouring. It's a validation of our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and delivering real value to our clients.

We invite salons and freelance colourists to join us in this exciting journey, by joining our pre-order waitlist and making the decision to encourage the positive movement in our industry. The yuv® Lab, along with its patented technology, is poised to elevate your colouring game, reduce waste, and contribute to a more environmentally responsible industry.

Stay tuned for more updates, innovations, and a brighter, more sustainable future with yuv® Beauty. Thank you for being part of our journey!

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May 24, 2023

yuv® appoints Samantha Cusick as first UK colour ambassador

Beauty tech company yuv® is excited to announce the appointment of Samantha Cusick as its first UK colour ambassador.

April 26, 2023

Will this change the way we colour hair?

New smart colour dispensing machine from yuv® launches for salons and freelancers, promising to save serious money while being more sustainable.

April 28, 2023

ESalon Founder Francisco Gimenez Creates yuv® Beauty to Digitize Salon Hair Color and Cut Waste

New smart color system for salons that looks to reduce product waste and cut spending on color by as much as 35%.


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