1. Summary

At yuv® Beauty we're leading the way with a circular economy approach: Refill, Reuse, Recycle. Our closed-loop system is a game-changer, streamlining salon operations while reducing waste.

Our mission extends beyond beauty products and services. We want to play our part in helping to solve the environmental and social challenges that exist today.

That’s why we commit to donating 2% of our annual sales revenue each year to charities who are working to have a meaningful impact on issues that align with our mission and values that emphasise innovation, sustainability, and ethical practices. 

We split our donations into two categories, with each receiving 1% of our annual sales revenue:
a. in support of people and communities 
b. in support of a healthier planet 

2. In Support of a Healthier Planet: 1% for the Planet

We recognize the urgent need to address environmental challenges and play our part in preserving the natural world for generations to come. That's why we've joined forces with '1% for the Planet,' an organisation dedicated to leveraging the power of collective giving for environmental solutions.

'1% for the Planet' is a global network of businesses, nonprofits, and individuals working together to support environmental causes. Member companies commit to donating at least 1% of their annual sales to a network of approved environmental nonprofits. These nonprofits work tirelessly to address critical issues such as climate change, habitat conservation, plasticpollution, and more.

By partnering with '1% for the Planet,' we are taking a significant step toward a more sustainable future. We pledge to contribute 1% of our annual sales to an approved environmental charity or not-for-profit, ensuring that our business actively supports environmental initiatives. 

This year, we have chosen to support WRAP WRAP - The Climate Crisis: Act Now

WRAP is a charity, working with governments, businesses and citizens around the globe to create a world in which resources are used sustainably.  Their impact spans the entire lifecycle of the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the products we buy, from production to consumption and beyond.
Their mission is to accelerate the move to a sustainable, resource-efficient economy through:
- Re-inventing how we design, produce and sell products through product and process innovation and supply chain collaboration.
- Re-thinking how we use and consume products through citizen campaigns and enabling collaborative change by businesses.
- Re-defining what is possible through re-use and recycling through market and infrastructure development and improved collections.

3. In Support of our Community: Hair & Beauty Charity

We understand that life can take unexpected turns, and even those in the business of enhancing beauty can face challenging times. That's why we've chosen to donate 1% of our annual sales revenue to  the Hair and Beauty Charity, an organisation dedicated to supporting hair and beauty professionals in their times of need. HAIR AND BEAUTY CHARITY

The Hair and Beauty Charity offers vital financial support to individuals and their families whoare facing difficult circumstances brought on by unforeseen events. These can range fromillness and bereavement to financial hardship and even instances of domestic violence.

The past few years have been particularly challenging for many, with the global pandemic andcost of living crises taking its toll on both individuals and businesses. In response, the Hair and Beauty Charity stepped up its efforts to provide a safety net for those within our industry. They witnessed a staggering 144% increase in requests for financial assistance, and the annual funding they provided to applicants rose by 74%.

During these challenging periods, they swiftly established a relief fund to support those who had fallen through the gaps of government funding schemes. It's a testament to their dedication to ensuring that no one within the hair and beauty profession feels alone or unsupported in their time of need.

4. Review 

As part of our ongoing commitment to giving back to our planet and stakeholder communities we commit to continually reviewing and updating our Charitable Giving Policy.  

We strive to ensure our donations have the greatest possible impact. Therefore, we commit to reviewing, at least once a year, the impact that our donations have on the beneficiaries of the charities we have chosen to support. 

Last updated: October 2023