June 30, 2023

yuv® appoints Grace Dalgleish as UK Colour Ambassador

"I cannot wait to redefine the world of hair colour as we know it, and create my own bespoke palette for the brand" said Grace.

Leading beauty tech company yuv® is thrilled to announce the appointment of Grace Dalgleish as UK colour ambassador. Grace, an avid explorer of the world of colour and renowned for her unparalleled creativity, will be joining forces with the yuv® team.

Grace's remarkable talent for innovative colour work has captivated a new generation of hairdressers. Recognised as a true colour pioneer, she effortlessly blends her editorial flair with technical brilliance, showcasing her artistry in prestigious publications such as Hunger, Dazed, and InFringe. As the recipient of the 2022 Creative HEAD Most Wanted Colour Expert Award and with her outstanding portfolio, Grace has once again secured her position as a finalist this year.

As a globally celebrated colourist at the forefront of innovation, Grace will collaborate closely with yuv® to champion the brand's groundbreaking and sustainable approach to professional hair colouring.

With an unwavering belief that every paint is different, Grace's distinctive approach to colour is an art form that seamlessly harmonizes visual aesthetics and technical precision. Her visionary work consistently produces breathtaking blends and distinctive tones that can be recreated flawlessly time and time again. In her role as a colour ambassador for yuv®, Grace will curate her exclusive bespoke colour palette, available solely through yuv®.

Reflecting on her new appointment, Grace expressed her excitement, stating, "I'm thrilled to become yuv®'s latest colour ambassador. The yuv® lab is set to revolutionize our industry, and our shared values will undoubtedly lead to an extraordinary partnership. I cannot wait to redefine the world of hair colour as we know it, and create my own bespoke pallet for the brand."

"We are thrilled to have Grace join the yuv® team as a Colour Ambassador," said Francisco Gimenez, CEO and founder of yuv®. "We are ecstatic to empower her with the yuv® innovative platform, enabling her to curate an exclusive, trendsetting colour palette of her own creation."

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May 24, 2023

yuv® appoints Samantha Cusick as first UK colour ambassador

Beauty tech company yuv® is excited to announce the appointment of Samantha Cusick as its first UK colour ambassador.

April 26, 2023

Will this change the way we colour hair?

New smart colour dispensing machine from yuv® launches for salons and freelancers, promising to save serious money while being more sustainable.

April 28, 2023

ESalon Founder Francisco Gimenez Creates yuv® Beauty to Digitize Salon Hair Color and Cut Waste

New smart color system for salons that looks to reduce product waste and cut spending on color by as much as 35%.


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