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The Full yuv® Lab Package

With the £49 monthly subscription to yuv®, you gain access to a comprehensive package that empowers professional hair colourists and salons alike.

At its core, you'll have full access to the yuv® Lab, the world's first smart hair colour Lab, equipped with groundbreaking technology that dispenses custom colour formulations at your fingertips.

The subscription includes an 11-inch Apple iPad, a vital tool that grants you access to the yuv® app, simplifying the process of customising hair colour formulations.

To enhance your workflow and organisation, yuv® provides a compact battery-operated thermal label printer, ensuring that you never forget which formula is in which bowl.

The system's AI-powered inventory tracking and restocking feature ensures you always have sufficient inventory on hand, saving time and effort on manual management.

With metered billing, you'll only pay for the exact amount of product you use, offering cost transparency. yuv® also places a strong emphasis on sustainability, and your subscription includes access to the closed-loop system of refillable cartridges, reducing waste and contributing to a more eco-friendly hair industry.

The yuv® Lab offers an extensive palette of colours, including permanent, demi-permanent, semi-permanent, cream bleach, and more, with the flexibility to create custom formulas, including quarter shades and tertiary tones. Furthermore, the system helps reduce salon waste by up to 35%, while its ultra-precise measurements ensure consistency and precision in your hair colouring work.

Whether you're an individual colourist or part of a salon team, the subscription offers billing flexibility, allowing you to choose between combining payments for everyone in the salon or setting up individual payments as needed.

The £49 monthly subscription with yuv® provides you with a complete and powerful toolkit to elevate your professional hair colouring capabilities, reduce waste, support sustainability, and enhance your overall efficiency. It's a game-changer for the modern hair industry professional.

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