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Prepare limitless colour combinations with yuv®

As a hairstylist, you're not just creating hairstyles; you're crafting individual masterpieces that reflect your clients' personalities, preferences, and aspirations.

With the yuv® Lab, you hold the key to unlock a universe of possibilities, allowing you to tailor different colours with precision and artistry, so every client's dream shade becomes a vibrant reality.

yuv® Lab Shade Selector: Ultimate customisation

Unlock a world of limitless possibilities with the yuv® Shade Selector. This innovative tool empowers you to tailor hair colours precisely to your clients' needs by customising base levels and tonality. The base levels range from 1 to 10 (inc. 12 for High Lift Tints), with additional 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 base shades in between, allowing you to achieve the perfect foundation. Alongside this, delve into the captivating realm of tones, including primary, secondary and even tertiary tones all built using the yuv® Labs primary colour cartridges across cool, neutral and warm tones. These elements work in harmony to create bespoke hair colours that define your clients' individuality.

Base Level Precision:
The yuv® Lab's base level control is your key to creating a myriad of shades. With base levels ranging from 1 to 10 (inc. 12 for High Lift Tints) and fractional increments of 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 in between, you gain incredible precision. This means you can craft hair colours with unparalleled accuracy. Each increment provides a slightly different starting point, allowing for subtle shifts that make a world of difference in the final result. Think of it as having access to a colourist's dream toolkit, all in one machine.
Tonal Transformations:
Beyond base levels, yuv® Lab introduces a world of tones. We're not just talking about primary and secondary tones; we're going all the way to tertiary brilliance. These tertiary tones include blue, violet, gold, copper, mahogany, red, matte, and mocha. Each of these tones is meticulously created using a deep understanding of colour theory and the precise blending of primary pigments. This opens up a treasure trove of possibilities, giving you the ability to blend unique and captivating shades that were previously out of reach or difficult to replicate.

yuv® Palettes: A Universe of Inspiration

The yuv® app complements your creativity by offering ready-made 'palettes.' These palettes align with the finishes of popular colours already existing in the market. The real magic lies in your ability to combine these colours at various ratios, resulting in a bespoke colours tailored to your client's desires. This feature enables you to utilise colours you know and love whilst eliminating the need to purchase multiple tubes, minimizing concerns over colour wastage and oxidization, and ensures you can replicate your creations with ease. With the yuv® app, the world of colour is at your fingertips, and you're the artist in control.

yuv® Freepour Mode

The fun doesn't stop there… The yuv® Lab's Freepour Mode is your ultimate playground for creative expression. Here, you have complete control over the red, yellow, and blue tones, allowing you to fine-tune the vibrancy and hue of your colours using your own colour theory and creativity. With complete control you can adjust the quantities of clear, blonde, brown, and black to craft the perfect base and inject your own custom tone. This level of flexibility empowers you to create entirely unique colours based on your personal colour theory where you can build your own colour palette... your very own professional colour line customised by you.

Consistency and Innovation in Harmony

Not only does the yuv® Lab enable you to create millions and millions of colour formulations, but it also enable you to save, recall, and re-dispense the precise formula again and again. Every formula you create is meticulously logged, ensuring consistency across salon visits. But it's not just about replicating what you've done before; it's about using that consistent base to launch into new creative realms. By revisiting and tweaking historical formulas, you can create an endless array of shades. This means you can offer clients a signature colour that's uniquely yours, consistently reproduced every time they visit.

With the yuv® Lab, the possibilities are boundless. You can craft millions of custom hair colours by skillfully manipulating base levels, tones, palettes, freepour settings, and historical formulas. Whether you're seeking to match a client's dream shade or surprise them with a one-of-a-kind creation, yuv® Lab is your trusted partner on this colourful journey.

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