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Meet the yuv® Lab's 11 Cartridges

At its core, the yuv® Lab features eleven essential cartridges, each contributing significantly to the art and science of hair colouring.

The yuv® Lab's cartridges are carefully curated to provide salon professionals and freelancers with the tools they need to craft exceptional custom hair colours. Each cartridge plays a distinct and critical role in the hair colouring process, with a total of 11 cartridges ensuring versatility, precision, and outstanding results

3 Primary Pigments: Red, Yellow, and Blue

Primary pigment cartridges, much like primary colours in art, are the foundation of all other shades. Red, yellow, and blue serve as the starting point for a spectrum of custom hair colours. These pigments are the key to achieving precise colour results, from fiery reds to sunlit blondes and deep brunettes. The possibilities are endless...

4 Base Colours: Brown, Blonde, Black, and Clear

Base colour cartridges are where every formulation begins. Brown, blonde, black, and clear provide fundamental shades levels from which an array of colours can be created. With yuv® Lab, you have complete control over the mixing ratios of these base shades, allowing for precise adjustments down to ¼, ½, and ¾ bases. It's like having a painter's palette at your disposal.

2 Developers: 5 Vol and 40 Vol

Developer cartridges are the catalysts that bring hair colour to life. yuv® Lab offers two developer cartridges: 5 Vol and 40 Vol. These developers are essential for achieving desired colour depth and longevity. What sets yuv® Lab apart is its adaptability, enabling professionals to customize the developer's strength to each unique colour formulation. The yuv® Lab can adjust the mixing ratio between these two canisters, offering access to any developer intensity between 5vol and 40vol.

1 pH Booster

Maintaining the correct pH levels during the hair colouring process is essential for consistent and vibrant results. The pH booster cartridge empowers professionals to fine-tune formulations with precision, ensuring that colours adhere properly to the hair shaft. The result: beautiful, true-to-tone colours that preserve the hair's overall health and integrity.

1 yuv® Cream Bleach

The lightener cartridge, featuring yuv®'s cream bleach, is the secret to achieving striking contrasts, highlights, and creative effects in hair colouring. This cartridge can lift hair by up to 8 levels while providing essential cuticle protection. It's a game-changer for professionals exploring creative possibilities while maintaining the hair's strength and health.

yuv® - your unlimited vision

In addition to the 11 essential cartridges that empower your hair colouring journey, the yuv® Lab experience extends even further with our groundbreaking 'Free Pour' feature. With access to all the cartridges in the lab, you have the creative freedom to craft truly bespoke colours that match your clients' unique visions. Learn more about the yuv® Lab's 'Free Pour' feature and explore the endless possibilities it offers in our dedicated article. Elevate your artistry with yuv® Lab.

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