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Complete Client History At Your Fingertips

This centralised system is a game-changer, making your life easier and your clients happier.

The yuv® Lab serves as your trusted partner in delivering bespoke hairstyling experiences, alongside the yuv® App, the pair empower you to recreate, tailor, and enhance your clients' hair colours effortlessly with all your client history saved and stored ready for review in the app at all times.

The yuv® App streamlines consultations, ensures consistent signature colours, and allows for fine-tuned customisations. Plus, it adds a personal touch by providing insights into your clients' preferences and notes. No more digging through paperwork; everything is systematically organised, saving you time while enhancing creativity, building trust, and boosting client loyalty. In essence, it's one of the secret ingredients the yuv® Lab offers to take your salon experience to a whole new level.

Client Colour History at Your Fingertips

Imagine having access to a comprehensive record of your client's hair colour journey – from their very first appointment to the most recent transformation. With the yuv® app, this becomes a reality. Hairdressers can effortlessly store detailed notes about each client's colours, previous formulas, and any specific requests or notes for your next service.

Recreating Magic, One Tap at a Time

Every shade, tone, and nuance formulated for your client is documented and preserved. With a few taps, you can effortlessly recreate any shade previously dispensed. The yuv® app becomes your creative canvas, allowing you to pick up where you left off, ensuring that your client walks out of your salon with the exact look they desire.

Tailoring and Tweaking with Confidence

But it doesn't stop at replication; the yuv® app empowers you to fine-tune and customise colours with confidence. Suppose your client wants a slight adjustment or has a change of heart about their hair colour. In that case, you can tweak formulas, adjust tones, and achieve precisely the look your client envisions based on their dispensing history. It's like having a trusted record of your creative journey, ensuring consistency and satisfaction, appointment after appointment.

A Seamless Experience for You and Your Clients

The yuv® app simplifies the hairdressing process for both colourists and clients. It streamlines the communication between you and your clients, making consultations smoother and more efficient. With a history of past colour choices readily available, you can have meaningful discussions with your clients about their preferences and how to achieve their desired looks.

Elevating the Art of Hairdressing

The yuv® app ensures you never miss a beat, it's your personal assistant, your creative partner, and your assurance of consistently delivering stunning results. With the yuv® Lab app, client history becomes a treasure trove of inspiration, helping you craft custom colors and styles that leave your clients delighted with every visit. It's not just hairdressing; it's an art form elevated to perfection. Discover the magic of client history with the yuv® Lab app today.

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