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A Beginners Guide To yuv®

In a world of constant innovation, yuv® stands as a pioneer, bringing a fresh perspective to the professional hair colouring industry.

For those who've never encountered this name before, it's time to meet the game-changer that's redefining the art of hair colour.

yuv® offers a revolutionary experience, combining cutting-edge technology and an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Here's why it's a must-have addition for any professional hair colour space.

The Birth of a New Technology

At its core, yuv® is an innovative brand on a mission. Its crowning jewel is the yuv® Lab, the world's first smart hair colour system designed exclusively for salons and freelance colourists. This advanced device doesn't just enhance your colouring capabilities; it transforms the way you approach hair colouring, putting the power of creativity back in your hands.

Infinite Possibilities with Refillable Cartridges

yuv® embraces sustainability with a commitment rarely seen in the beauty industry. At its heart is the use of refillable cartridges, a groundbreaking solution to the problem of excessive waste associated with single-use colour tubes. These tailor-made refillable cartridges, crafted from infinitely recyclable aluminium, represent a significant leap towards a greener future, ending the era of disposables and their impact on our environment.

Precision and Consistency at Your Fingertips

The yuv® Lab empowers professionals to create precise, bespoke colour formulations tailored to each client's unique hair type and desired look. From quarter shades to tertiary tones, pH control to translucency-opacity levels, it's a digital palette that offers endless creative possibilities.

Streamlined Workflow with the yuv® App

Enhancing the yuv® Lab experience is the yuv® app. It simplifies the formulation process, utilising colour theory and precise measurements to ensure that your colour blends are consistently flawless. The app eliminates the need for manual client history cards, storing all your custom formulas and notes digitally. This means you can effortlessly re-dispense any saved formula, resulting in a smoother and more efficient workflow.

The Pay-as-You-Dispense Model

yuv® also tackles the issue of over-purchasing and product waste through its innovative Pay-as-You-Dispense model. Smart algorithms monitor your usage patterns, ensuring that you never run out of essential supplies. With the yuv® Lab and its patented technology, your salon can significantly cut down on unnecessary costs and wasted product, while ensuring you never need to carry dead stock again. 

Join the yuv® Revolution

yuv® is much more than a hair colour system. It's a brand that dares to challenge the status quo, combining high-tech innovation with a profound commitment to sustainability. It's an invitation for professionals to embrace a greener, more responsible approach to hair colouring while unlocking unparalleled creativity.

The yuv® Lab is a transformative addition to any professional hair colour space, offering precision, sustainability, and efficiency in a single package. It's not just a device; it's a no-brainer investment in the future of your craft. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all and hello to a more sustainable and personalised approach with yuv®. Your clients, and the planet, will thank you.

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